Logos House of Theological Studies


President: Rev. David McCready, Ph.D., 2220 Long View Drive, Estes Park, CO 80517, mccreadd@tcd.ie


Dean of Academics: The Rev. Fr. William J. Martin, 
828 707 7358 wjsmartin@cs.com


Director of Mentorship: The Very Rv. Canon Jonathan Filkins


Registrar/Bookstore:  lhots@myfairpoint.net

Logos House Library: http://lht.ind.opalsinfo.net/bin/home

Library Email:  logoshouselibrary@gmail.com

 Logos House is an Independent Educational Institution, incorporated in the State of Maine, and affiliated with the Traditional Anglican Communion and the National Church and Dioceses of the Anglican Church of America, and other Continuing Anglican Church jurisdictions.

Logos House was founded in 1998, by the late Rev. Canon Granville Henthorne, at the request of, and with the support of the late Bishop Bruce Chamberlain.  Our primary Mission is the education of students from traditional Anglican, and other theologically onservative jurisdictions, for ministry as Deacon, Deaconesses, and Priests in Parish and other Pastoral settings, as well as education of those lay persons wishing to serve their parishes as lay readers or on their Vestry, or lay persons not interested in ordination, but in personal theological development.

Currently located and administered from Ellsworth, Maine, our program is geared to men and women who are in full-time secular employment, and have experienced the call to part-time (or full-time) Ministry.  Accordingly, our study program involves reading assignments, written work and conferences with the instructor and the Academic Dean, mentoring through the parish clergy as assigned, tutorials and seminars as arranged from time to time.

A candidate's tuition is paid by the candidate, or by private  arrangement with that person's Diocese or parish.  The extensive library at the Logos House Administrative Office in Ellsworth, Maine is presently available (by appointment) to candidates in person.  Titles are currently being cataloged for online access.

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The Logos House of Theological Studies is not accredited by any secular accrediting organization, governmental agency, or theological accrediting associations. The primary purpose of Logos House is to prepare persons for Holy Orders within the Traditional Anglican Communion, and those other Continuing Church bodies who deem the programs acceptable for their purposes as well as provide educational programs to other interested students not involved in the ordination process. Pursuant to the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 20-A, section 10708, subsection 4, this institution is not required to obtain authorization from either the State Board of Education or the Maine State Legislature in order to: (1) use the name “junior college,” “college” or “university,” (2) offer courses or programs for academic credit or (3) confer degrees.